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Mandarin Kit

Thanks to the work of WashU APAMSA and Philly APAMSA, we are proud to offer all chapters access to these resources for learning and using Medical Mandarin. Learn at your own pace and ENJOY.
Printable Mandarin Medical Pocket Card (DOWNLOAD)
We have such valuable resources already conveniently laid out for you in compact form thanks to NYU School ofMedicine. The cards use the pinyin system--for tips on how to tackle pronunciation, watch this very helpful video!
14 Lesson Plans for Medical Mandarin (VISIT)
Here you can access 14 lesson plans developed by med students at WashU Medical College in St. Louis, made available to other chapters by Takahiro Ohara. Learn at your own pace.
Here are a few other videos that may be helpful:

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How do I ensure I am on the national mailing list?

Everyone on the chapter roster that the president submits to gets entered into the national mailing list.

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How do I get a chapter website?

Email to get your free chapter website today. Samples:, 

How do I send something out to people outside my region?

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