Your Regional Directors

The Regional Directors are National Board’s primary link to the local chapters. The crucial roles of the regional directors involve relaying announcements, directives, needs, and concerns between the national board and the local chapters in an open, bi-directional spirit. Regional directors also assist in recruitment of new chapters and fostering a sense of community within each region through organizing regional conferences and get-togethers.


Region I

Tim He

Brown University’s Alpert Medical School

Hi everyone! My name is Tim He, I am a second year at Brown University’s Alpert Medical School. I am originally from New York. I joined APAMSA because I saw opportunity to take action and make real changes in healthcare and I am excited to be even more involved

Rudy Chen

Warren Alpert Medical School

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and went to college at Brown University, where I majored in neuroscience and music. After that, I stayed at Brown and am a current second year at the Warren Alpert Medical School. I am also a chapter co-leader.

Region II

Delia Shen

Albert Einstein COM

Hi! My name is Delia, and I am currently a MS1 at Einstein College of Medicine. I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and spent my gap year doing the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs, which sparked my interest in seeing ways in which communities could work together to systematically address health issues. I was involved with my university’s APIA initiatives and student organizations, and collaborated with the OCA-St. Louis chapter. In my free time, I love exploring and trying new restaurants! I’m excited to work with the rest of the co-directors to bring more opportunities for schools in our region to come together to share and learn.

Shannon Kiang

NY Medical College

Hi there! My name is Shannon Kiang and I’m an M2 at New York Medical College. Although I’m originally from Southern California, I’ve now spent the last 8 years living on the East Coast. (I’m an anomaly who actually enjoys cold weather!) I graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Psychology and Biology and an M.S. in Medical Sciences. In my free time, I enjoy baking and decorating cakes, sewing, and singing. Attending last year’s Regional Conference inspired two of my classmates and me to start an APAMSA chapter at NYMC, so I’m excited to be part of the team planning this year’s conference. I look forward to collaborating with the chapters of Region II and working to strengthen the network between schools.

Jaclyn Chen

Stony Brook COM

Hello APAMSA! I’m Jaclyn L. Chen, a M1 at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Before moving to the overly exciting forest terrain of Long Island, I grew up in lower Manhattan, where I spent time venturing into the bustling streets of Chinatown to taste & smell all it has to offer. Not only were there colors and culture but also noticeable barriers in the form of language and awareness when it came to health issues in the AAPI community. I noticed this after shadowing AAPI physicians in the area; despite the sweet smell of boba tea and soup dumplings, the realization of health care dissonance in Chinatown was difficult to swallow.

I soon nourished myself as a prelaw-turned-engineer-turned-bio/nutrition/neuro major at Cornell University, before working in neuro-clinical research, world travelling, and nightlife hospitality for my gap year (that was a mouthful)! My involvement in AAPI mental health advocacy, which started in college, soon lead to my joining the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) as a national board member, with the goal to inspire, educate, and empower those interested in AAPI issues.

This year, it is an incredible honor to be a part of APAMSA’s regional board; I hope to network further within the APAMSA family, help host a transformative regional conference, and contribute my time and energy to the rest of APAMSA’s health & networking initiatives geared towards addressing the various healthcare “food for thoughts” in the AAPI community.

Brian Hsia

Albert Einstein College of Medicine MSI

Hi everyone! My name is Brian Hsia, and I’m excited to start working as your Region 2 Co-Director this year! I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014 and worked for two years as a healthcare consultant in Boston before coming to med school. During my time as a consultant, I worked on a variety of diseases including Hepatitis B, during which I learned of its detrimental impact on the Asian community. Outside of class and lab, I love hip-hop, dancing, and eating. There are a lot of schools in the NY/NJ area, and I’m looking forward to working with my fellow Region 2 Co-Directors to strengthen our regional APAMSA community!

Region III

Jiajia Zhang

Hopkins School of Public Health

Michelle Sheng

Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Alda Huang

Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Hi everyone! I’m Alda, currently an MS3 at Sidney Kimmel Medical College (formerly known as Jefferson Medical College). I was originally in the class of 2017 but took this past year off last year to live and work abroad, so I’m diving back into the medical school world, including APAMSA. For most of my year I was teaching English in Cambodia; the last few months I was working at a hospital in Beijing, China. I’m most passionate about global health and public health education, especially in the AAPI population. In my second year of med school, I was JeffAPAMSA’s Hep B Chair as well as Regional Director for Region III, and had the privilege of working closely with Hep B United to run student HBV screenings in Philadelphia. I’m thrilled to be one of Region III’s RDs again this year, and I look forward to working with you!

Region IV Southeast

Janice He


Roger Fan


Jessica Wen


Region V

Christy Ky

University of Michigan Medical School

Hello! My name is Christy Ky and I am a second year medical student at the University of Michigan Medical School. I am originally from West Michigan and went to Michigan State University for undergrad. I am excited to work together with the other Region V directors to support the chapters in our region and to foster an environment of collaboration and cohesiveness!

George Luo

Case Western Reserve

Saya Yusa

Michigan State

Hi everyone, my name is Saya and I’m a M2 at MSU CHM. I’m originally from San Jose, California and am a proud alumna of the University of Southern California.
I believe that great things happen when like minded and goal oriented individuals come together, and I’m excited to collaborate with George and Christy as one of the Region V Directors. I’m a huge social activist on many issues, and my goal is to bring together our region’s chapters to address issues that are unique to API patients and physicians.

Region VI

Yingfei Wu

Medical College of Wisconsin

Hello! My name is Yingfei Wu, I am a second year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and I graduated with a B.S. in Neuroscience from UCLA.

After coming to the Midwest from the multi-cultural Southern California, and starting professional school where we are continually faced with challenges as a minority, APAMSA has been an important resource for me to become intimately involved with AAPI issues, develop professionally and personally, and connect with fellow students.

I am currently the Hmong Health Screening Chair for APAMSA at MCW and have worked with local Hmong leaders in expanding health screenings for the community at local markets, public events, and health conferences. Interacting with the local Hmong community has shown me the diverse range of needs that the AAPI community has, especially ones that are overlooked due to our model minority stereotype.

As Regional Director for APAMSA, my goal is to empower members of the AAPI community to become more aware of important issues in our community and in turn advocate for our health and wellbeing. I highly enjoy working with fellow Regional Directors on organizing informative activities that rally students together from all over the region, such as the Regional Conference.

Nan Zhong

Washington University in St. Louis

Hello! My name is Nan, and I am a M1 at Washington University in St. Louis. As an undergraduate at Yale University, I became interested in the political, social, and health issues that many API face.

I am very excited to be serving as one of the Regional VI Directors this year. Growing up in St. Louis, I have become increasingly aware of the health disparities that have arisen from one of the most segregated U.S. cities. I hope to work with local chapters and the National board to advocate on the behalf of our API patients and empower the API community

Christina Lin

Rush Medical College

I am a first year medical student at Rush Medical College. I was born and raised in the Los Angeles, California (area) and attended the University of California, Berkeley where I studied Chemical Biology and Molecular Cell Biology. During undergraduate, I spent the majority of time outside of class conducting cancer research, mentoring K-12 students, exploring the area, or experimenting with recipes.

Having grown up in an API dense community for the majority of my life, I have observed and experienced the hardships unique to mentioned community. In combination with my interest in the pediatrics population and nutrition, I want to raise awareness of preventative medicine through proper diet in the younger age group, educating both parents and their children. As a regional director, I hope also to foster a well-connected API community in Region VI, creating a tight network on not only a professional level, but also on a social one. I look forward to working with my fellow directors in continuing APAMSA’s impact in the area. I look forward to working with the chapters of Region VI!

Elizabeth Theng

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I am in my 2nd year of the 6-year BA/MD program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Born and raised in Fresno, California, I’ve been surrounded by a diverse Asian culture for virtually my entire life and it has focused my attention on the limited information available in addressing the specific needs of the AAPI patient population. This year, as one of the Region VI directors, I hope to improve communication and collaboration between chapters while advocating on behalf of the high-need, underserved Asian patient population in the Midwest. The Asian community has always been my home. It’s shaped me and put me where I am today, as is the case for many APAMSA members. It’s a home from which I have taken and I am excited to give back. So with that said, I look forward to working with everyone and serving with APAMSA in the upcoming year!

Region VII

Abigail Ahyong

University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson

Hi, everyone! My name is Abigail. I’m a 2nd year medical student at UACOM Tucson. I am originally from Alaska and studied at the University of Washington, where I majored in molecular biology with a minor in philosophy. I took a few gap years and taught English in Japan. While abroad, I had the opportunity to travel all over Asia and experience amazing cultures.

I am very passionate about promoting APAMSA’s mission to serve the API community and help educate others about the challenges and cultural diversity amongst the API communities. My Filipino and Alaskan upbringing have influenced my pursuit of a medical education focused on rural and global health, and had the opportunity to go back to the Philippines this past summer for my global health externship. I hope to incorporate a global health component in my future career as a physician and help others in APAMSA find ways to help serve our API communities abroad. Outside of of medicine, I am an avid traveler, foodie, and rock climber. I am excited to serve as a Region 7 co-director and can’t wait to see how much amazing work our Southwestern region has in store for this year!

George Nguyen

University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix

Hello APAMSA! My name is George Nguyen and I am a 1st year medical student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix. I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and eventually graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Physiology. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing basketball, scouting the land for the best food, and lifting weights.

At the University of Arizona, with the help of some dedicated peers, we were able to start a Pre-Health APAMSA to unite pre-health professional students in an interprofessional environment to target the health disparities facing the API communities in Arizona. While serving as one of the Co-Presidents, Pre-Health APAMSA was able implement health screenings within the community, set various bone marrow drives, and conduct a survey assessing the specific health issues the Arizona API community faces today. As a current MS1, I am excited to continue my involvement with APAMSA and represent Region VII as a co-Regional Director. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas and I look forward to impacting the API community together with you all!

Region VIII

Quang Truong


Vy Le


Yen Luu

UC Davis

Hi! My name is Yen Luu and I am an MS1 at UC Davis School of Medicine. I am originally from Chico, California an am a proud alumna of the University of California, Los Angeles.    I am proud and honored to represent region VIII as a regional director for APAMSA. I spent the last two years prior to entering medical school as an ophthalmic technician in my hometown in Chico. During this time, I grew very empowered by witnessing firsthand the healthcare disparities that were present in the APIA community in the northern California region. I am happy to work with APAMSA to further address the health issues specific to the APIA community.