Chapter Awards 2015

At the 2015 National conference, awards were given out to APAMSA chapters that showed exemplary performance throughout the year!


Chapter of the Year – Medical College of Wisconsin

 APAMSA 2015-283
This chapter has stood out by doing an education program raising the awareness of health disparities in the Hmong community in Wisconsin. They have a mentorship program with Hmong American Peace Academy. Medical students provide small-group mentoring to their high school student “mentees” regarding higher education in the health sciences.Each mentorship session also includes a fun, interactive learning module.2014-15 module topics were:-They reached out to the community by doing weekly blood pressure screenings frequented by the Hmong community in the greater Milwaukee area.-Radio Shows 6 shows per year since February 2010 Hour-long shows on health topics relevant to the Hmong community are translated into Hmong and aired on the local Hmong radio station.Their chapter advisor is actually one of APAMSA’s founders Dr. B. Li.


National Conference Recognition Award with UCI

APAMSA 2015-286  For the 2015 APAMSA National Conference, this chapter’s conference theme, “Intersections in Healthcare,”  addressed how modern healthcare connects with other disciplines, particularly technology, business, policy, and law. Over 240 attendees from over 40 institutions and 21 speakers were present to discuss interdisciplinary ways to engage future physicians of all communities on how to approach an increasingly connected world. We proudly recognize University of California, Irvine School of Medicine chapter for their great work as National Conference host for 2015!


Pre-Med Chapter of the Year – University of Southern California

This chapter has been very comprehensive in that they have done multiple health fairs providing blood pressure, BMI, and blood glucose screenings, done educational workshops on research and pre-med scheduling, and reached out to their community by doing Trick-or-Treat with children of Los Angeles. They have also integrated cultural events and community service by doing a bone marrow registry at the yearly Night Market Event.


New Chapter of the Year – Emory University School of Medicine

 APAMSA 2015-282
To establish a new chapter takes a special group of people with a visionary focus. This chapter did exactly that. Since starting their chapter early in 2015, they have done multiple health fairs benefiting their community providing educational materials on prominent issues including blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, and Hepatitis B. They reached out to local organizations providing a Hepatitis B educational lecture to senior health luncheon, and they created a wonderful chapter website.


Best Chapter in Community Service – UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

 APAMSA 2015-280
This chapter did a series of health fairs throughout the year partnering with their undergraduate health care organization to diverse members of their community. In these screenings, weight and blood pressure screenings were performed in addition to Hep B screening, glaucoma screening, and cholesterol screening along with one-on-one consultation screenings. The undergraduate client navigators provided lingual support. They served clients representing Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Pacific Islander communities.


Best Chapter in Education – Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University

This chapter did a series of education events throughout the year promoting various API topics.Their first event was a documentary screening on a war refugee from Vietnam diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. Their next event was an event on Medical Chinese Classes Integrating Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with Modern Medicine. They also did two events discussing the impact of Hepatitis B within the Asian population and global population-at large.


Best Chapter in Social and Cultural Events – Stony Brook School of Medicine

 APAMSA 2015-279
 This chapter did three main cultural events over the year spanning different aspects of Asian culture.Their first event was Garba, a form of dance performed during the 9-day festival Navarati. During this event, over 50 students of all years got to learn about the festival and Garba and Raas dances.The second event this chapter did was a talent showcase which included a Chinese lion dance, different musical pieces, breakdancing, and a fashion show showcasing dresses from Egypt, Korea, China, Japan, and Myanmar. Proceeds from this event went to the Giving Circle fund, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for underprivileged Chinese children in the NYC and greater NY area.Later in the year, this chapter did a Holi festival in which they celebrated the spring festival and took this opportunity to bring awareness to the earthquake of Nepal.


Regional Conference of the Year – Region I and II Conference: Getting #informed

 APAMSA 2015-281
Featuring Slam poets, physicians, the coiner of the phrase “bamboo ceiling”, a surgery panel, the NYC HCC CEO, community health centers, and professional development, this year’s Region I and II conference had it all.And delicious food.



Best Fundraiser: Michigan State CHM’s Trots-4-Tots 5k

Half of the over $1,000 proceeds went to anorganization supporting cleft lip/palate repair supplies, a common congenitalcondition in Asians. The second half of the donation went to support necessarysupplies for refugee children from the Refugee Development Center in Lansing.


 Conference Essay Winners

 APAMSA 2015-276
APAMSA offered scholarships to help attend the 2015 National Conference by asking students to respond to two prompts, centering around the conference’s theme “Intersections in Healthcare”.

  • 1) What are some healthcare issues in the Asian American community that you are most interested in and how do you plan to address them currently as a medical student and as a future physician?
  • 2) Of the following fields (law, technology, business, policy, other — please specify), which are you most interested in integrating into your future career and why/how?

We received wonderful and innovative responses and were overjoyed to have our winners lead break-out discussion sessions during the conference itself. Congratulations to the winners!

  • Britta Han, UMich
  • David Yang, LSU
  • Jennifer Hong, Emory University
  • Whit Froehlich, UMich
  • Deadrea Ellis, Emory University
  • Jean Lee, UMich
  • Robert Fu, Emory University
  • Jennifer Choy, Michigan State
  • Donna Bui, UCDavis
  • Christine Nguyen, UCDavis
  • Bingling Wu, UCDavis
  • Cecilia Zhang, Duke

Pre-Med Essay winners

 image1 (1)
APAMSA offered an essay contest scholarship to aid interested pre-medical students in attending the 2015 APAMSA National Conference and Pre-medical Day. We received many great submissions, but 4 outstanding students were chosen based on their answer to 2 prompts:

  • 1) Discuss your experience rising through the hardships as a pre-medical student representing the API community. What did you learn about this experience that may help you to become a stronger person?
  • 2) What is your definition of health advocacy? Discuss how health advocacy can be used to address APIA health issues using a specific example.

Congratulations to the winners!

Minh Pham – UCLA

Kathaleen Pham – UCSD

Jonathan Pham – UCSD

Alexandria Ongjoco – UCSD