Officer Timeline

Congratulations on being elected a chapter officer, here’s a timeline to guide you through the year. Here’s a timeline of events to help guide you through the year. Feel free to adapt it so it meets the needs of your chapter.

Late Spring/Summer Timeline

After being elected, make sure you speak to the old officers and get their old files and advice about how to be a good officer.

1. Submit your Chapter Profile with the new officer contacts at Get the supplies, financial reports, and other contacts from previous officers.

2. Register your new officers with your Student Activities office, if you can.

3. Include a welcome letter from APAMSA in the new student’s packet mailer, if your school permits.

4. Subscribe yourself to the chapter officers list serv by registering here:

5. During the summer, prepare your recruitment supplies such as fliers and posters so you can post them when new students arrive.

Early Fall Semester

Everyone’s now back at school and things are moving fast.

1. Plan on recruitment activities

2. Hold your first general meeting. Check out the Chapter Officer Tools and Educational Resources at for recruiting materials.

3. Prepare ahead to attend the national conference.

4. Elect first year officers—UPDATE New officer information by submitting a chapter profile at

5. Subscribe yourself to the list serv:

6. Register with your group with Student Activities office if you haven’t already.

7. Represent your chapter at your Student Activities Fair

Late Fall Semester

National Conference is usually in the Fall

1. Announce if your chapter is going to National Conference this year, and solicit attendees

2. Get the Treasurer to file for Travel Funds with your school

3. Look for sample Fundraising Letters and Fundraising idea documents at the Chapter Resources page.

4. Book your flights, accommodations, and make sure your attendees have registered for the National Conference ahead of time.

5. Submit proposed amendments to the Constitution, Letters of Intent, CV if you want to run for National Positions or change the Constitution.

6. Turn in First Bi-Annual Chapter report to the MVP.

At National Conference:

1. Attend the workshops and keynote talks, bond with your chapter, see the sights!

2. Run for National or Regional Office, talk about APIA health, and have FUN!

Late Fall/ Winter

1. Get in contact with your newly elected Regional Directors. Contact for their contact inf.

2. Try and hold an observance for Diwali

3. Start planning to participate in the National Hepatitis B campaign and Bone Marrow Drive.

Spring Semester

1. Participate in the National Hepatitis B campaign and Bone marrow drive.

2. Stay tuned for info from your regional directors to participate in regional conferences.

3. Try and observe the Asian Lunar New Year, which is usually around January/February.

4. REQUIRED Chapter Reports will be due early (February or March) this semester.

Late Spring

1. Hold elections for new chapter officers and do your best to give them as much information as possible, so that your APAMSA chapter can remain active.